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Vince Cable responds to Hammond comments on the customs union

by Steve Beasant on 6 January, 2018

Responding to news that the Chancellor has not ruled out the UK staying in some form of customs union with the EU after Brexit, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable said:

“The likes Fox and Gardiner have cheerfully dismissed the concerns of British industry, but this offers some reassurance that the Chancellor does understand the economic advantages of being part of a customs union with the EU.

“What the idealogues do not seem to understand are the many technical complexities around breaking up a functioning customs union. How many of the hard-liners understand, for example, rules of origin and the impact of a new customs checking system on supply chain industries?

“The Lib Dems will fight to stay in the customs union and the single market, and also give the British people the chance to reject any deal. This will be particularly vital if the likes of Fox get their way and the Conservative hardliners botch up Brexit.”

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