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Universal Credit will drive up homelessness as people struggle to rent homes

by Steve Beasant on 9 January, 2018

The Government’s roll-out of Universal Credit risks causing chaos in the rental market and increased homelessness. It’s time for urgent reform.

The following article was written by Lib Dem MP Stephen Lloyd and published today on the Lib Dem Website.

Bank notes and coins.

The Conservative’s roll out of Universal Credit risks driving up homelessness.

That’s what I will warn in a debate in Westminster Hall this morning.

Without urgent reform of the housing benefit element of Universal Credit, disaster will occur in what is an already dysfunctional housing market.

If those urgent changes are not made to the Government’s new benefit, Universal Credit, homelessness will skyrocket and the private rental sector will prove even more resistant to tenants on benefits.

The government has the opportunity to improve the chronic housing shortage across the country by making Universal Credit payments to landlords the default option.

Despite the chaos created by the shambolic rollout of Universal Credit, opportunities for positive action remain if the government actually listens to those trying to make the system work.

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