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How we save our NHS

by Steve Beasant on 25 January, 2018

Yesterday, I received the following email from the Leader of the of the Lib Dems, Vince cable – I hope that you take time to read the email and watch the video.

Hi Steve, this Winter’s NHS Crisis is one of the worst for a long time – and for me, it’s brought one thing into sharp focus.

Our NHS needs urgent investment – and we are the only party that is honest about how we do that.

It’s also why we’ve made it the cornerstone of our latest video – you can watch it here:

Watch our latest video on the NHS.

Watch the video →

And if you like it – and our plan to save our NHS with a penny on income tax, will you share it with your friends & family?

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The Conservatives have left our NHS chronically under-funded, and staff embattled and undervalued, while need continues to grow and patient care suffers.

And the Labour party are little better – all they have to offer are pie-in-the-sky solutions they’re hoping they’ll never have to deliver.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party being honest with the British peopleabout the tough choices we need to make, to get an NHS that delivers the kind of service we want.

Our plan will protect these vital services – funding them sustainably, supporting and valuing health and care workers, and join up health and social care – so people are able to live well at home.

Our plan will also make sure we take mental health as seriously as physical health and make waiting times for mental health care match those for physical health care.

It’s how we’ll save our NHS (and you can read more about it here: So please, make sure your friends and family have heard about it by sharing the video today:

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Thank you,


Vince Cable

Leader of the Liberal Democrats

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