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Cable on Mike Russell interview: SNP needs to “get on board” campaign to have a vote on the terms of Brexit

by Steve Beasant on 29 January, 2018

In a GMS interview this morning, SNP Brexit minister Mike Russell appeared to go cold on the Liberal Democrat proposal to have a public vote on the terms of any Brexit deal.

Liberal Democrats Vince Cable said:

“It is disappointing to hear Mike Russell shift against giving the public a chance to reject a bad Brexit deal.

“There is a growing demand from the public for such a vote.

“If they don’t switch back then the SNP will look completely flat-footed as public support continues to grow for a Brexit deal referendum.

“It is perfectly possible to have a referendum in time. The SNP need to get on board.

“I have been working jointly with the SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford and others to build a consensus. Today’s move from the SNP is disappointing.”

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