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The Government can’t continue to tinker round the edges on surveillance

by Steve Beasant on 31 January, 2018

After yet another court defeat for the Government on mass surveillance, it’s time for them to overhaul the system to put protecting our freedoms & civil liberties at its heart:

The following article was written by Edward Davey and published yesterday on the Lib Dem Website.

Screen of an iPhone showing Google, Mail and Phone apps.

The UK’s surveillance regime has once again been declared unlawful by the courts.

The Government cannot simply tinker around the edges and hope for a different result.

What we need is a full overhaul over the system that puts protecting our freedoms and civil liberties at it’s very core.

Liberal Democrats believe we can be safe and secure by ensuring surveillance is targeted and suspicion-led.

What we need is for our police and intelligence services to be given the resources and money they need to do their job, not endless new laws.

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