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Trump is dangerously deluded about the NHS – Lib Dems

by Steve Beasant on 5 February, 2018

Responding to Donald Trump’s latest attack on the NHS, Baroness Jolly, Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson, said:

“Trump is dangerously deluded about the NHS. He needs to read up on how his own health system works before attacking others.

“The NHS is a jewel in the crown of UK society. We should always be proud of the fact that British people can see a doctor without the fear and anxiety of being hit by a massive medical bill.

“Trump’s unwillingness to listen to new ideas is not only a damaging indictment of his approach to leadership, but also leaves Americans unhealthier, poorer and with a lower quality of life.”

Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrats tweeted in response to Trump:

Dear @realDonaldTrump,

Your interest in our treasured NHS is noted – I’m sure, as ever, you are on top of the detail.

On the offchance you’re not, pls read this @libdems report, published today, To find out how to fund a universal healthcare system.

Today the Liberal Democrats launched a report into how to secure the NHS for future generations. The report can be found at:

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