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Boris Johnson shouldn’t be allowed out

by Steve Beasant on 27 February, 2018

Boris’ latest bizarre outburst on the Today programme is yet more proof that he shouldn’t be allowed out of the house, let alone represent Britain on the world stage.

The following article written by Alistair Carmichael and published today on the Lib Dem Website.

Boris Johnson has made a bizarre appearance on the Today programme where he showed flagrant disregard for history and international affairs by comparing the Northern Ireland border with the Congestion Charge.

Once again the Foreign Secretary has shown why he shouldn’t be allowed out of the house to talk about foreign affairs.

He has revealed a complete lack of understanding of the complexities and history of the Northern Irish border. It is one of the major outstanding issues of Brexit negotiations and one of our most senior Cabinet Ministers hasn’t even bothered to read his briefing notes.

Peace was brought to Northern Ireland as a result of cooperation across the parties in Britain and Northern Ireland as well as between the UK and Ireland. Comments in recent days questioning that consensus shows that there is nothing that the Brexiteers will not do to achieve their ruinous end.

As we work our way through the most important negotiations of our modern history it is quite clear that this country is not in safe hands.

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