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Jo Swinson: “Boris Johnson must stand up to Saudi ruler”

by Steve Beasant on 7 March, 2018

Commenting ahead of the visit of Saudi Arabian ruler, Prince Mohammed bin Salman Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader, Jo Swinson said:

“Johnson has repeatedly failed to stand up to Saudi rulers on their role in the ruthless and illegal targeting by Saudi forces of civilians and civilian infrastructure in Yemen, as well as the impact of their cold war with Iran on the entire region.

“Instead of using this visit to woo Mohammed bin Salman into buying more weapons, the Foreign Secretary should make it clear that any ally of the UK must make more than shallow reforms to convince us of their commitment to human rights and international humanitarian law.

“Failure to do so will serve as confirmation that this government will prioritise trade above values, and is a dark sign of things to come if the UK leaves the EU.”

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