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Russia’s starting 11

by Steve Beasant on 7 March, 2018

In 100 days time, Russia will host the World Cup and to mark it, we’ve laid out a starting 11 of serious concerns that Russia needs to tackle before the World Cup:

The following article was written by Tom Brake and published yesterday on the Liberal Democrat Website.

To mark 100 days to the World Cup in Russia the we’ve laid out a ‘starting 11’ of major concerns Russia needs to give the red card before kick off.

The issues include:

  1. Stop annexing foreign territory
  2. Stop interfering with foreign elections
  3. Stop hacking foreign governments & businesses
  4. Stop institutionalised doping in sports
  5. Stop human rights abuses
  6. Stop decriminalising domestic abuse
  7. Stop supporting Assad in Syria
  8. Stop the stamping out of democracy in Russia
  9. Stop abuses against LGBT Russians
  10. Stop political assassinations at home and abroad
  11. Stop imprisoning those opposed to Putin

We’re also calling on the Russian government to make changes in all the areas before the kick off of the first match in the 2018 World Cup.

The Party have also called for FIFA and the international football community to do more to fight against human rights abuses.

Looking ahead to the summer, like every England fan, I will be watching the World Cup with excitement and trepidation.

But I will also be casting a sceptical eye over the hosts, and hoping that they step-up to the task, welcoming supporters from other cultures and their diversity.

With Qatar hosting the World Cup in 2022, and FIFA’s reputation in tatters, it is time that football fought against the human rights abuses we have seen from Russia and Qatar and restored our faith in those at the top table.

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