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5 ways to punish Putin

by Steve Beasant on 13 March, 2018

Vladimir Putin is a bully – and he’s a bully who needs to be put back in his box. Here’s five ways Britain could punish Putin for his murderous adventurism:

The following article was written by Tom Brake and published today on the Lib Dem Website.

Putin is attempting to be the puppet master of the world, it is time we cut his strings.

The UK must build a coalition of the willing, able to put an end to Putin’s murderous adventurism, and show murder condoned or directed comes at a very heavy price.

Putin is a bully who will not be put back in his box by entreaties from the Leader of the Opposition to have a chinwag over beer and sandwiches.

The government must now send a strong message to the Kremlin by:

  1. Boycotting the World Cup in Russia and finding an alternative venue;
  2. Seizing the UK-based assets of those implicated in this attack, and previous attacks through the creation of a UK Magnitsky Act;
  3. Introducing travel bans for top Russian officials;
  4. Suspending arms sales to Russia;
  5. Ensuring that the forthcoming register of beneficial ownership trusts is publicly accessible.
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