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Lib Dems: Govt must prioritise support for young disabled people

by Steve Beasant on 28 June, 2018

The Liberal Democrats will today use a debate in the House of Lords to call on the Government to prioritise care of young disabled people in their social care plan, which is expected to be published this autumn.Β 

Speaking ahead of her debate on the challenges faced by disabled people in the United Kingdom, Liberal Democrat Peer Celia Thomas has warned the loss of European nurses and care workers, because of Brexit, will make matters worse for disabled people.

Baroness Thomas of Winchester said:Β 

β€œWith the Independent Living Fund now closed, and the money going to local authorities not ring-fenced, we are seeing devastating care package cuts.

β€œOf those who receive care now, 83% of disabled people say they don’t have enough hours in their care package.Β With Brexit on the horizon, will there be enough care workers, now called personal assistants, to go round?

β€œThe Government must therefore urgently prioritise young disabled people in their social care plan, not least by supporting disabled people into work by ensuring both the workplace and the journeys to and from work are accessible and adaptable.”

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