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Lib Dems: McVey has contempt for inconvenient facts

by Steve Beasant on 4 July, 2018

Responding to reports that Esther McVey has made misleading statements to Parliament on Universal Credit, Liberal Democrat Work and Pensions Spokesperson Stephen Lloyd said:

“The Secretary of State’s shocking disregard for the findings of the Government’s official auditor is yet another example of the Conservatives’ growing detachment from reality.

“Instead of crudely ignoring a report that was approved by her own senior officials, she should have set out before Parliament what steps she would take to fix the key flaws identified by the NAO on Universal Credit.

“Esther McVey’s contempt for inconvenient facts and independent, reputable bodies such as the NAO shows she is unfit for office. Theresa May should replace her with someone who has the humility to recognise that without significant changes, a national roll-out of Universal Credit will cause considerable, unnecessary hardship, to some of the most vulnerable of our fellow citizens across the UK.”

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