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Tories woefully underprepared for Brexit

by Steve Beasant on 10 October, 2018

Speaking after the Brexit committee evidence session this morning with the National Audit Office Chief Sir Amyas Morse, Liberal Democrat committee member Wera Hobhouse said: 

“When the Government’s own civil servants are relying on reports from the National Audit Office to understand what is going on in their own departments, you know the Government is woefully underprepared for Brexit. Government ministers are sticking their heads in the sand.”

“The Tory government is not honest about the choices we have to make. They are still operating on a ‘have your cake and eat it’ basis. This is why we have still made no progress on the Irish border. To keep the border open we need to be in the single market and customs union. We can’t have both”

“This mess and dishonesty has gone on for too long. It is time the people were given an opportunity to pass their judgement with a final say on the deal, including the opportunity to remain.”

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