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Cost of Brexit spiralling out of control

by Steve Beasant on 2 November, 2018

Responding to the Government’s admission that Operation Brock will now cost £30 million, £10 million more than was previously stated, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Brexit, Tom Brake MP said:

“The cost of Brexit is continuing to spiral out of control. The Conservative Government’s plan to turn Kent into a car park, Operation Brock, is now costing the tax payer an additional ten million more than the figure they gave in the summer.

“The Government must be honest about the cost of Brexit. During the referendum campaign, people were told Brexit would mean more money for the NHS, not that they would be paying to churn up our motorway in a desperate bid to avoid grid-lock and a mega-traffic jam on the M20.

“This is why it’s essential that the people have the final say on Brexit, including the option to remain in the EU”

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