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The dodgy Brexit demagogues should start getting worried

by Steve Beasant on 2 November, 2018

The Liberal Democrats stand up to power and privilege. Stand with us today to demand better than Brexit.

Bank notes and coins.

The dodgy Brexit demagogues should start getting worried about transparency and criminal investigations shining a light on their actions.

Aaron Banks is facing a criminal investigation over loans to leave campaigns. Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats are piling on the pressure over the lack of transparency surrounding donations to Northern Ireland political parties.

The National Crime Agency are investigating Aaron Banks after the Electoral Commission reported that they have “reasonable grounds to suspect that Mr Banks was not the true source of the £8 million reported as loans” to groups campaigning for a leave vote.

This is an extremely concerning development. People have known for a long time that the Brexiter ranks were filled with dodgy demagogues, today’s news will be little surprise,” said Liberal Democrat (anti-)Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake.

“Brexit will cause great damage to this country and it cannot happen on the back of a Leave campaign littered with lies, deceit and allegations of much worse. That is why the people must have a final say on Brexit.

Yesterday, Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran challenged the Government to ensure transparency about leave campaign donations made to political parties in Northern Ireland.

Current laws only require donations from July 2017 to be published, meaning details of who donated £425,000 to the Democratic Unionist Party that was spent on pro-Brexit advertising in the Metro do not have to be disclosed.

It really beggars belief that the Government is allowing political parties in Northern Ireland to mark their own homework and decide whether or not details of their donations should be made public,” said Layla.

“The law already allows for details of donations to be backdated to 2014 and the independent Electoral Commission has urged the Government to do just that. It makes you wonder if the Conservatives and their DUP partners have something to hide.

“With the Leave campaign under investigation by the Metropolitan Police, people in all parts of the United Kingdom have a right to know who donated money to the Leave campaign.”

The Liberal Democrats stand up to power and privilege. We won’t allow the dodgy Brexit demagogues to wreck our countries future. Stand with us today to demand better than Brexit.

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