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Lib Dems: Pigs more likely to fly than Brexit legislation to be completed by March 29th

by Steve Beasant on 11 January, 2019

Responding to comments from a Number 10 Spokesperson that Brexit legislation will be completed by 29th March 2019, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake MP said:

“It is laughable that Number 10 are even attempting to make people believe that the Brexit legislation will be complete by 29th March.

“Due to the Conservative Government’s insistence on pushing everything into the long grass, Parliament still has huge amounts to get through, including much of the Immigration, Environment, and Health Brexit Bills. Let alone the Withdrawal Agreement.

“There is more of a chance of pigs flying than there is of the Brexit legislation being completed by 29th March. The Tories have made a mess of Brexit and are wasting everybody’s time peddling this rhetoric. That is why the Liberal Democrats will continue to fight for a people’s vote, with the option to remain in the EU.”

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