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Commenting on the announcement of the Medicines and Medical Safety Devices Review, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Sodium Valproate Norman Lamb MP said: “I welcome this review and the new measures to strengthen warnings about the dangers of taking sodium valproate during pregnancy. “However, as well as looking at how the […]

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Government need to listen on cannabis oil – Ed Davey

by Steve Beasant on 20 February, 2018

Commenting on the government’s refusal to allow cannabis for medicinal purposes, specifically in the case of six year old Alfie Dingley, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesman Ed Davey said: “The government’s refusal to consider allowing the use of cannabis for medicinal purpose is criminalising people who simply need to alleviate chronic pain. “A growing number of our […]

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5 reasons why we love our NHS

by Steve Beasant on 14 February, 2018

We love our NHS, but we all know it’s heavily underfunded and desperately needs more money. We sometimes forget that we have such a great health care system in place, so here are 5 reasons we love our NHS. 1. Saving lives The NHS provides some of the best emergency care in the world. Although […]

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After Theresa May’s non-answer today, nobody should be comfortable about the future of our NHS in post-Brexit Britain. The following article was written by the Lib Dem Leader Vince Cable and published yesterday on the Lib Dem Website. At PMQs yesterday, I asked the Prime Minister to confirm that the NHS would not be up for sale […]

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A new tax earmarked solely for the NHS and social care is among the recommendations from a panel of 10 experts in a report on healthcare reform commissioned by the Liberal Democrats.  Download the report here This heavyweight report, Health and Social Care: Delivering a Secure Funding Future, will form the blueprint of the Lib […]

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Shocking neglect of psychosis patients exposed

by Steve Beasant on 1 February, 2018

This lays bare the stark discrimination experienced by people with mental ill health at the heart of our NHS. The following article was written by Norman Lamb and published today on the Lib Dem Website. Shocking evidence of discrimination against people with severe mental illness has been uncovered by the Liberal Democrats, as a national survey […]

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How we save our NHS

by Steve Beasant on 25 January, 2018

Yesterday, I received the following email from the Leader of the of the Lib Dems, Vince cable – I hope that you take time to read the email and watch the video. Hi Steve, this Winter’s NHS Crisis is one of the worst for a long time – and for me, it’s brought one thing into sharp […]

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Commenting on Boris Johnson’s planned NHS intervention at today’s Cabinet meeting, Liberal Democrat Chief Whip Alistair Carmichael said:  “Serious Cabinet manoeuvres are not briefed to the Today Programme in advance. We can presume that this is another Boris stunt. If he really believes this then he should paint it on the side of a bus. […]

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No excuse for ambulance waiting times

by Steve Beasant on 20 January, 2018

The government were well aware that the winter-crisis period was approaching – and there’s no excuse for their lack of preparation. The following article was written by Lib Dem Peer Judith Jolly and published on Thursday, Jan 18, on the Lib Dem Website. More than 100,000 patients this winter had to wait in the back […]

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Scrap the cap and value our nurses

by Steve Beasant on 17 January, 2018

This Conservative Government needs to scrap the public sector pay cap and show that they value our hard-working public sector workers. The following article was written by Judith Jolly and published on the Lib Dem Website. Figures released today show 1 in 10 nurses are leaving the NHS every year. The number of nurses leaving […]

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