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North East Lincolnshire’s Quit and Get Fit Campaign – sign up for the New Year

by Steve Beasant on 19 December, 2014

Smokers who sign up to quit with North East Lincolnshire’s Stop Smoking Service will have the opportunity to receive a free 12-week gym membership at Lincs Inspire’s Grimsby Leisure Centre when they kick the habit.

The new campaign, which launches on Monday, January 5, is available to smokers living in North East Lincolnshire who attend weekly stop smoking sessions at Grimsby Leisure Centre. Smokers are being encouraged to beat the new year rush by booking now to guarantee a place on the scheme.

David Hardy from North East Lincolnshire Council’s Lifestyle services , said: “We know how hard it can be to stop smoking but this programme is designed to give smokers all the practical support and help they need as they take their first positive step to quit their addiction to tobacco products.”

Giving up tobacco is a major step towards making improvements to health and well-being. This campaign aims to help smokers do just that and it also encourages people to go that extra mile by offering them free leisure service memberships. Not only does regular exercise boost endorphin levels – that give you that feel good factor – it can also help minimise the weight gain that some quitters experience.

Andrea Shreeve, aged 53 and from Cleethorpes, kicked the habit after 40 years of smoking and now is a regular swimmer. She said: “I was determined to quit smoking after a bad case of bronchitis restricted my breathing. It was incredibly scary and the doctor offered to help. He recommended I contact the local Stop Smoking Service. They supported and encouraged me and took me through the options. I decided to attend the support programme and took champix tablets, which helped block the cravings. On day two, October 30, this year I made up my mind that I would no longer smoke and since then I haven’t looked back and I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes now.

“As for exercise, I love swimming and it’s ideal for me as I suffer with back and hip problems. When I started swimming before I quit in September this year I could only manage 20 lengths in one hour. I have now doubled this and swim two to three times a week.

“For anyone considering quitting the habit I would say give it a go. It is hard, but if you’ve got the determination and the support of the stop smoking service you can do it.”

The Quit and Get Fit campaign will give customers on the scheme free access to Grimsby Leisure Centre for up to 12 consecutive weeks. They can access a range of exercise options which include: fitness gym, exercise classes and public swimming sessions. To qualify for your free leisure pass you need to attend the 12 weeks stop smoking programme, have given and stuck to a quit date and become smoke-free. For those successfully completing the scheme, discounted leisure membership will be available thereafter.

Weekly stop smoking support sessions will be held at the Grimsby Leisure Centre each Monday starting on January 5, at 5:30pm Anyone considering taking part in the Quit and Get Fit campaign can contact the stop smoking team now on (01472) 325500 or 08456032166.


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