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North East Lincolnshire Council: Six year road repair budget revealed

by Steve Beasant on 23 December, 2014

North East Lincolnshire Council has been allocated ยฃ10.4m from central government to repair the boroughโ€™s roads over the next six years.

The money will be invested mostly in preventative maintenance to improve the condition and prolong the lifespan of the areaโ€™s road surfaces.

The announcement was made today, Tuesday, by Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin as part of a ยฃ6 billion fund to tackle potholes and improve roads in England.

In the current financial year the Council was allocated ยฃ1.59m to maintain the boroughs roads, which included fixing potholes and in the previous financial year it was ยฃ1.63m.

Potholes and road surface defects are prioritised based on the danger they present to the travelling public.

A Category 1 defect is one that represent an immediate or imminent hazard and these are made safe or repaired within 24 hours.

A Category 2 defect presents less of a hazard and will be repaired within 28 days on the busier parts of the road network, or within three months on other roads.

Roads in the borough are inspected regularly but potholes can appear between inspections. If you see a pothole, please report it using the online form on this website and remember to include as much information as possible.

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