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Lib Dems have Cut your Tax!

by Steve Beasant on 23 March, 2015

At the last General Election, the top commitment of the Liberal Democrats was to give everyone on low and middle incomes a tax cut. We said we would do this by raising the amount you earn before paying tax from only £6500 under Labour to £10,000.

The Conservatives attacked the policy. They said it couldn’t be done. But not only have we achieved what we set out to do, we’ve gone even further. From April you will be able to earn £10,600 tax free. That’s a tax cut of £800. This has only happened because Liberal Democrats are in Government.

“If we are in Government after the election, we will, by the end of the new Parliament, raise the amount you can earn tax free to £12,500, giving people a tax cut of another £400 and taking over 3 million people out of paying income tax altogether,” said Steve Beasant, Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Great Grimsby.

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