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#LibDems blocked Tory plans to privatise motorways

by Steve Beasant on 23 April, 2015

It’s been revealed that the Lib Dems in government blocked Conservative plans to privatise our motorways and key A-Roads, which would have meant £120 charges for local road users.

Shocking papers show plans to charge local people £120 just to use motorways and roads such as the A1, A30 and A303 – or be forced to use unsuitable minor roads through our towns and villages. This will mean that roads will be busier and more congested in our towns and villages.

Roads under threat are:

  • The A1
  • The M27
  • The M275
  • The A303
  • The M60
  • The M4

Thankfully, Lib Dem Transport Minister Norman Baker was there to stop these Conservative plans – which would be likely to hit to least well off in charges.

The Conservative plans are still on the shelf waiting to come off if they get back into power.

On May 7th you can stop them. Vote Lib Dem to stop the Conservatives charging you £120 to use motorways and key A Roads.


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