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Tim Farron comments on Davies report

by Steve Beasant on 1 July, 2015

Lib Dem Leadership candidate Tim Farron MP has this morning commented on the findings of the Davies report, he said:

“Today’s Sir Howard Davies review has proposed extra expansion at Heathrow. This is something I oppose. I do so based on the critical issue of air pollution and noise for the residents who live close to the flight path.

“Emissions from aviation are increasing faster than from almost any other sector and in reality there are no real measures in place to restrain them.

“If the UK is to meet ambitious emissions targets, we have to restrain this, or see a heavier and heavier burden put on other sectors, such as households and industry, which is counterproductive for UK plc.

“At the moment, we can do more by better utilisation of the UK’s regional airports and other London hubs like Stansted.”

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