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Local Lib Dems and Lola deliver some Christmas cheer to the residents of the East Marsh

by Steve Beasant on 24 December, 2015

For well over 10 years, local Liberal Democrats have delivered an annual Christmas Card to all residents on the East Marsh.

Christmas Card

Last year for the first time Liberal Democrat Councillor for the East Marsh, Steve Beasant approached St Mary’s Academy to design the festive card. This year, Steve approached Weelsby Academy and he was amazed at the standard of the drawing produced by young Lola of Year 1.

When asked about how she felt about being selected as the winning entry, Lola said:

“It is great that my Christmas card will be delivered to so many people.

“All of my friends will be receiving this special Christmas card, I am very happy.”

Steve said:

“I am really pleased that Lola’s card was selected – it is really colourful and Lola along with her family should be so proud.

“The actual painting was stunning for such a young child – I am really grateful to Lola and Weelsby Academy for taking the time to produce such a wonderful card.”

Liberal Democrat Campaigner for the East Marsh, Kay Rudd added:

“I am really pleased that the local community have once again welcomed our annual Christmas card, and Weelsby Academy along with Lola should be proud of the work that they have put in to produce this card – well done!”

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