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Norman Lamb: Dementia Tax shows May’s utter disregard for the most vulnerable

by Steve Beasant on 19 May, 2017

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has analysed Theresa May’s plans for social care and concluded that “the Conservative plan makes no attempt to deal with the fundamental challenge of social care funding.”

Commenting, Norman Lamb, former Health Minister and the Liberal Democrats’ Health spokesperson said:

“This is a scathing conclusion from the IFS. Theresa May’s dementia tax shows her utter disregard for the most vulnerable. It is a betrayal of those who have worked hard all their lives and end up with a condition like dementia through no fault of their own. It doesn’t even deal with the fundamental challenge facing social care funding.

“In Coalition we secured a commitment to introduce a cap on care costs.The Conservatives first dithered and have now scrapped it. The Liberal Democrats on the other hand have committed to implementing the cap.

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party who have a costed plan to save social care and are the only party who will stand up to Theresa May’s mean-spirited vision for Britain.”



The IFS report can be found here:

Under Conservative proposals, for the first time, many people who receive care at home will have their home taken into account, to meet the costs when they die. This will apply to the almost half a million people who receive domiciliary care in the UK. Figures on the share of the average family home expected to be spent on social care costs by area can be found here, based on calculations provided by Royal London.

The Liberal Democrats have committed in their manifesto to implementing the recommendations of the Dilnot Commission, which would mean a cap on care costs of £72,000

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