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Lib Dems: Britain’s Brexit position on expats has been shown to be ‘callous’

by Steve Beasant on 12 July, 2017

Commenting on EU’s Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier’s press conference today in Brussels, Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake said:

“Theresa May has created a callous level of uncertainty for British citizens currently resident in the EU.

“Instead of proposing mutually beneficial terms, May’s proposal has put the futures of millions of Brits across the continent in jeopardy by so-far refusing reciprocal arrangements.

“There is still time to reach an agreement which gives British citizens in Europe and EU citizens here in the UK continued rights. Anything less would be a failure by May to get the best possible deal.

“The only tune the Conservative party seem to be whistling to is the Orange Order.”

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  1. George Morley says:

    @Morgeo is my twitter name and we have been asking the LibDem’s to support our request for equality and respect from the current and past Governments but to no avail so far.
    I am one of about 550,000 pensioners abroad who are denied any pension increases based on the country that we live in and this figure is about 4% of all pensioners worldwide meaning that 96% do get the increases.
    You are seeking help for those pensioners in the EU who are not affected yet but Fov’t suggest that they will uprate their pensions after Brexit.
    We have no such guarantee – why ?
    It is to be noted that the pension is derived from the Contributions made to the National Insurance Fund which every pensioner drawing the state pension had to make to qualify.
    One point to note is that the Reciprocal agreement that you mentioned is not necessary because the freezing is purely a UK domestic matter and the Gov’t could scrap section 20 of the Pension Act and all pensioners worldwide would get their rightful pension uprating.
    Incidentally this clause was introduced by Steve Webb when Pensions Minister and a LibDem to boot.
    Now is the time for your party to correct this discriminative policy and restore equality and respect to us all who have done no wrong but are being punished like criminals.
    I have asked Tim Farron but he didn’t answer.
    Your manifesto was against discrimination but seemingly he didn’t want to know.
    Maybe Vince Cable will be a better leader.
    (ps. I know your part of the country well having lived in Scunthorpe, Doncaster, Lincoln , Boston and Woodhall Spa)

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