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Hammond and Fox Brexit piece not cleared with David Davis

by Steve Beasant on 14 August, 2017

This Conservative Brexit Government can’t even manage a show of unity without it dissolving into a fight. It’s farcical.

Lib Dem Chief WhipΒ Alistair Carmichael

It has emerged that the joint position on Brexit agreed in an article by Philip Hammond and Liam Fox was not even cleared with Brexit Secretary David Davis.

The Chancellor and Trade Secretary wrote a joint article for The Sunday Telegraph calling for a time-limited transition after Brexit that would involve leaving both the single market and customs union.

However, David Davis is reported to have said during an event in Edinburgh that the article was not “cleared” with him and that any transition should be driven by practicalities rather than ideology.

Even this apparent show of cabinet unity has now descended into confusion and division.

We have a government Brexit position that has not even been cleared with the Brexit Secretary.

It’s a complete farce.

How can the government publish a position paper when it has no clear position and the Prime Minister is still on holiday?

Sensible MPs must work together to prevent this chaotic hard Brexit and defend British jobs and prosperity.

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