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May in Japan: time to come clean on Nissan

by Steve Beasant on 30 August, 2017

The Liberal Democrats have challenged Theresa May to publish the correspondence between ministers and Nissan when the Japanese car manufacturer was reportedly prepared to pull out of Britain amid fears about tariff free access to the rest of the EU as a result of Brexit. The call comes as the prime minister prepares to touch down in Japan.

Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake said:

Liberal Democrats put in a Freedom of Information request for the letter Nissan sent to the government containing information on the offer by ministers of a sweetheart deal. Whole chunks had been blacked out, but I think we all know what the government’s offer had contained: a blanked out blank cheque.

“Because of the government’s shambolic Brexit negotiations, no doubt this won’t be the only blank cheque given to multinational companies to stop them departing the UK.

“But the public deserve to know exactly what assurances the Conservative government has given Nissan, and whether these assurances have been given to other car manufacturers, or any other of the thousands of businesses across the country that will be hit by an extreme Brexit.

“The government could still choose to stay in the single market and customs union – then it wouldn’t need to offer companies dodgy, under-the-counter deals.”

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