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1 in 2 local authorities to see cuts to per pupil funding this year

by Steve Beasant on 20 October, 2017

Over half of local authorities in England will see school spending per pupil fall this year in real terms, analysis of government figures by the Liberal Democrats has found.

Layla Moran speaking at a rally in Oxford.

• 83 of 150 local authorities in England will see per pupil funding fall in in real terms during 2017-18, i.e. once inflation is taken into account.

• England as a whole will see spending per spending per pupil fall by £29 (0.65%) in real terms.

• Local authorities with some of the worst school results in England, including Blackpool, the Isle of Wight and Poole, will be hardest hit by the funding cuts

• The South East will see the largest real-terms fall, with funding per pupil falling by £131 (3%.)

Layla Moran MP, Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson, commented:

“Conservative school cuts are putting the futures of young people across the country at risk.

“After the election the government promised to protect per pupil funding, but these figures show many areas are still set to lose out in real terms.

“We need an education system that broadens young people’s horizons and equips them with the skills they need to be part of the workforce of the future. This is something our government should be proud to invest in.

“Instead we are seeing school spending slashed, resulting in a narrowing curriculum and in dedicated, hardworking teachers being forced out of the profession they love.

“Ministers must urgently reverse these damaging cuts and invest to protect school budgets in real-terms.”

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