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Tom Brake responds to PM statement in Brussels

by Steve Beasant on 21 October, 2017

Responding to Theresa May’s comments in Brussels, Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake MP said:Tom Brake, MP for Carshalton and Wallington.

โ€œThe Prime Minister cannot say one thing in Brussels and another in Britain. She needs to face down the right-wing Brexiteers in her party in order to guarantee the talks actually move forward. Above all she still needs to protect citizensโ€™ rights to ensure they are not a casualty of a no-deal Brexit, and the European Union must also do more to make this happen.

โ€œIt is not enough to adopt a warm tone in meetings with other leaders whilst allowing Cabinet ministers to tour television studios threatening a no-deal Brexit. Even today, Davis has announced he will use Halloween to try and convince the Cabinet that a no-deal would not be a catastrophic failure. Mayโ€™s first task when sheโ€™s back in the UK today should be to rule out a no-deal Brexit and tell him to get on with the job heโ€™s being paid to do- negotiating a Brexit deal.

โ€œAll of this back and forth only strengthens the case for a referendum on the deal. The people, not politicians, must have their say.โ€

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