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Norman Lamb: it is time to end the scandalous” practice of diverting mental health funds to plug gaps elsewhere

by Steve Beasant on 5 November, 2017

The Independent reports that leading charities have urged the Government to urgently address the “crisis” facing mental health services in the forthcoming Budget.

In a letter shared exclusively with The Independent, mental health bodies issued an unprecedented warning to ministers that if budgets are not increased and protected, the majority of mental health sufferers will remain “locked out” of vital services.

Almost a year on from Theresa May’s pledge to improve mental health support and ensure it has parity with physical health services, the letter accuses her of setting out “unambitious” targets, urging that services “cannot go on” with the current levels of funding…

Liberal Democrat spokesperson Norman Lamb MP said there was a “powerful moral case” for ring-fenced mental health funding, urging that it would help bring an end to the “scandalous” practice of diverting mental health funds to plug gaps elsewhere.

“Despite all the talk of ‘parity of esteem’, we have seen repeated examples of money being shaved off mental health care and diverted to plug gaps in other services. This is a scandalous practice, with the result that too many people continue to be denied vital treatment and support,” he said.

“It is critically important that money promised for mental health is spent as intended, and the Government should carefully consider ring-fencing the mental health budget as a way of achieving this.”

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