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May must cancel Trump meeting now โ€“ Vince Cable

by Steve Beasant on 30 November, 2017

Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable has demanded that Theresa May cancels the expected government to government summit with the “evil racist” Donald Trump.

Vince Cable said:

โ€œMany of us warned when Theresa May walked hand in hand with Donald Trump that any relationship with such a racist was bound to end badly.

โ€œBut the prime minister, desperate for a trade deal, ignored the advice from across the political spectrum.

โ€œBritain is now paying the price for herย bad misjudgement. Theresa Mayโ€™s extreme Brexit has alienated our European allies and now she has lost her last remaining friend on the world stage, leaving Britain isolated and alone.

โ€œThe solution is clear: an exit from Brexit and a divorce from Trump.โ€

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