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EU strengthens stance after DD car crash interview – Tom Brake responds

by Steve Beasant on 12 December, 2017

The EU has toughened its stance in Brexit negotiations in response to a car-crash interview by David Davis in which he suggested that the divorce deal was merely a statement of intent rather than a binding agreement. The European parliament, which will have a veto on the final deal, expressly singles out the Brexit secretary for heavy criticism.

Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake said:

“We know that David Davis can’t open his mouth without putting his foot in it. It is time for May to put a sock in it.

“David Davis has endangered the entire divorce agreement because he couldn’t resist playing to the Brexit gallery and because the cabinet can’t even agree among itself what kind of Brexit it wants.

“The sheer incompetence and chaos coming from the government is unprecedented in my lifetime. Every time David Davis speaks, the Brexit divorce grows worse for Britain.”


The remaining EU27 countries have hardened the language of a proposed European parliament motion ahead of this week’s European Council summit. The European parliament will have a vote on the final deal.

The two relevant additions are below, in the first one everything after “but believes” has been added. The second amendment is entirely new and in response to comments by David Davis:

One amendment:

“Is of the opinion that the report allows for the negotiations to move on to the second phase and recommends that the European Council decide accordingly, but believes that negotiations must be conducted in good faith and is of the opinion that negotiations can only progress during the second phase if the UK government also fully respects the commitments it made in the Joint Report and they are fully translated into the draft Withdrawal Agreement;”

Second amendment:

“Whereas comments made like those by David Davis calling the outcome of phase I of the negotiations a mere “statement of intent”, risk to undermine the good faith that has been built during the negotiations;”

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