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Listen as Jo Swinson confronts John Humphrys live on-air about his disparaging equal pay jokes & just not getting sexual harassment.

by Steve Beasant on 8 February, 2018

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  1. I admire Jo’s resilience in the face of wilful ignorance of sexual harassment. I’ve seen her stand up for straightforward human dignity several times and it must get grindingly frustrating to do so but Jo keeps on fighting. This isn’t a difficult concept to understand. It’s about some men refusing to accept absolute equality with women and whilst I view that extremely dimly, like Jo, I can see that we do a disservice to others and future generations if we simply wait for dinosaur attitudes like those of John Humphries to bite dust. This is an issue that calls for robust challenge and I applaud Jo and others (including you Steve for drawing attention to it here in your website) for your persistence and tenacity. Listen up everyone… #TimesUp

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