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Change of course needed to reverse crisis in living standards

by Steve Beasant on 24 July, 2018

Liberal Democrat Work and Pensions spokesperson Stephen Lloyd MP has called for cuts to Universal Credit and benefits to be reversed following the publication of the Resolution Foundation’s annual Living Standards Audit.

According to the report published today [24 July 2018], incomes are stagnating across the board and falling for the poorest 30% of households, while child poverty is on the increase.

Commenting on the report, Stephen Lloyd MP said: 

“The British economy simply isn’t working for most people. Years of chronic underinvestment in infrastructure and skills, a devastating crash caused by over-reliance on the banks, and now the economic uncertainty caused by this chaotic Conservative Government have eaten away at people’s living standards. We must demand better.

“As a matter of urgency, deep cuts to Universal Credit and benefits that are disproportionately hurting poorer families should be reversed. We must also ensure that employees have a greater voice in their workplaces, and make employment rights fit for the age of the ‘gig economy’.”

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