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Johnson’s immigration plan is completely meaningless

by Steve Beasant on 28 July, 2019

The UK had a points-based system, but it didn’t work and was scrapped 8 years ago.

The following article was published on the Lib Dem Website on July 26

A sign pointing to passport control, with people climbing a flight of stairs in the background.

The likes of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage like to talk about an ‘Australian-style’ immigration system because it sounds tough.

But as with most things Johnson says, it’s actually completely meaningless.

The UK had a points-based system, but it didn’t work and was effectively scrapped 8 years ago.

The idea that bringing it back would restore public confidence is nonsense.
Now, instead of a plan to fix our immigration system, Johnson is commissioning yet another pointless review.

Given that he intends to end EU free movement in just a few months, it’s unacceptable that we still don’t know what he’ll replace it with.
Individuals and employers need certainty, not more of Johnson’s empty promises.
The Liberal Democrats demand better.

We understand the huge benefits immigration brings to our country.

That’s why we are fighting to stop Brexit, save free movement, and build an effective and compassionate immigration system.

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