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Wera Hobhouse’s conference speech!

by Steve Beasant on 14 September, 2019

Catch up on MP for Bath, Wera Hobhouse‘s speech at Autumn conference!
Wera Hobouse.

Wera started by talked about everything we’ve achieved in just the time since the last conference.

“Number of councillors UP

Number of MEPs UP

Number of MPs UP

Membership UP

Polling UP.

Is there anything that can stop us now?”

She then talked about the scale of the climate crisis

“The Climate Crisis is the biggest challenge of the future and we have a moral duty to solve it

Being a Liberal Democrat and being an environmentalist go hand in hand. She addressed the fraught political climate we find ourselves in.

“The rise of populist and nationalist leaders across the world directly threatens our democratic values.”

And spoke about how populism is thriving on environmental chaos and social instability.

They build a climate of fear, and fear is a powerful emotion that blocks out any rational argument.

“The potentially huge displacement of people give the perfect excuse for populist leaders to shut down the borders and pull up the draw bridge.”

Wera spoke about the devastation we see in the Amazon rainforest and the callous decisions of Bolsanaro. 

Wera then talked about where she sees a solution coming from.

“Our Liberal Democrat resurgence in the local and European elections give me great hope. There are millions of people who will not lie down in the face of populism and nationalism.”

She spoke about the huge success of the Bath Lib Dems, how they are now running the council, and taking the climate emergency seriously.

“In contrast to other parties we are not just paying lip service to this commitment, we are actively and seriously preparing the way to a net zero future.

“And while we are not yet in a position to replicate this from the seat of government – our time is coming.”

She spoke about the legacy of phenomenal climate crisis campaigners in the party. Ed Davey, Chris Huhne, Vince Cable and Jo Swinson – who prioritised the green agenda in coalition. They made renewable energy viable in the UK and made the UK a pioneer in reducing greenhouse gases.

And how fundamentally the Tories have walked us back on addressing the climate crisis.

“The Tories have destroyed almost every bit of progress that we made during the coalition years.”

And she said that it is only set to get worse under Boris Johnson.

“Like Trump, Johnson is talking about ‘extreme weather events.”

She talked about the upcoming climate change motion being debated on Monday, which you can read here:

Read now

And she said that our approach is clear. If we know what we need to do to stop the climate emergency, let’s do it now.

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