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Stop Brexit to Save the NHS and Social Care

by Steve Beasant on 15 September, 2019

Have you read our new healthcare policy on how we will stop Brexit to save our NHS and social care? Catch up now!

The following article was published today on the Lib Dem website.

Surgeons operating in theatre.

Our health and social health services are at crisis point in the UK.

They have been at crisis point for years now – and it is a credit to our brilliant healthcare workers that our NHS has continued to take care of millions of us every year

But the UK’s healthcare provisions are getting less reliable every year.

Waiting times have increased, staff feel undervalued and patient care is suffering.

Our social care is severely underfunded and we are failing our elderly population.

Our mental health services are severely underfunded and we are failing those we need to support.

And Brexit will make all of this even worse.

Brexit will threaten the ability of our staff from elsewhere in Europe to work here.

It will lead to medicine shortages and delays to key treatments.

And it will mean UK patients miss out access to new treatments from medical research funding and trials.

The Conservatives haven’t woken up to the huge and urgent problems in our health service and they are asleep at the wheel in the face of this crisis.

The Liberal Democrats demand better.

We have a plan for getting the NHS back on its feet and for rebuilding a holistic health service that supports everyone.

In the short term, we would put a penny in income tax to meet immediate priorities in social care, reverse cuts to public health, and invest in mental health.

And we would set up a cross-party commission to develop a sustainable long term plan for integrating and funding a healthcare service fit for 2019 Britain.

Read the full motion we’ve passed here: 

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